Property For Sale  

Orchard Drive, Barry South Wales

£184,500 (offers accepted)


A Beautifully presented 3 Bedroom property in the heart of Barry. The property has been well maintained and would be ideal for a family.

I appreciate this is posted on a London Based Company Website, but this property is a Family property and am using this site as a way to advertise the property and I have a wealth of knowledge in the Property Business.

It boasts:

  • Large Gardens Front and Back

  • A Family Reception Room

  • Double Glazed throughout

  • Spacious Dining Room

  • Well presented Kitchen

  • 2 Double Bedrooms and 1 Single Bedroom with plenty of storage space

  • Loft access available

  • Separate Garage

  • Additional Terrace in the Rear Garden

  • A Driveway that can fit 4 cars

  • Close to Barry Town Football Club

  • Close to St Helens Primary School


Orchard Drive Map.jpg